1. This is perhaps the most poignant and senstive story of partion. he deserved highest hnour of literature for this . I salute to his talent and gift

  2. Aankhoun se aanso nikal rahey hain, ham logn k sath zulam hua hai taqsim ki sorat main, aj EU k mulk to apni shanakht k sath akhtey hain ,aur ham aik dosrey k dushman ! Khudaya karam kar hamein muhabat aur piyar dey apas main. Master piece leikin hamein kahan ye koi parhney deita ! Only solution for suffrings of both side is Mutahida Hindustan ! Me sure

  3. Absolutely speechless I’m!! Truly the people of Punjab (on both sides of the border) suffered most due to this partition. Manto was indeed a very sensitive man who badly felt the emotional trauma cased by the border-line drawn between the ‘twin cities’ of Lahore and Amritsar.

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