Toba Tek Singh By Saadat Hassan Manto

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7 Thoughts to “Toba Tek Singh By Saadat Hassan Manto”

  1. singhnk

    This is perhaps the most poignant and senstive story of partion. he deserved highest hnour of literature for this . I salute to his talent and gift

  2. nisar

    Aankhoun se aanso nikal rahey hain, ham logn k sath zulam hua hai taqsim ki sorat main, aj EU k mulk to apni shanakht k sath akhtey hain ,aur ham aik dosrey k dushman ! Khudaya karam kar hamein muhabat aur piyar dey apas main. Master piece leikin hamein kahan ye koi parhney deita ! Only solution for suffrings of both side is Mutahida Hindustan ! Me sure

  3. Dr.Sheiraz

    Absolutely speechless I’m!! Truly the people of Punjab (on both sides of the border) suffered most due to this partition. Manto was indeed a very sensitive man who badly felt the emotional trauma cased by the border-line drawn between the ‘twin cities’ of Lahore and Amritsar.

  4. usama yasin

    bht na insafin hue hain

  5. usama yasin s.o tariq yasin

  6. amshan

    this is the end of story or it is contniue

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