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7 Thoughts to “Jab Zindagi Shuru Ho Gi”

  1. shahzad siddiqi

    kittab kia he zindagi ki haqiqat he.kisi ko apni zindagi chane karna ho wo ye kittab zaroor parhe

  2. Dr. Shahid Mansoor Hashmi

    Excellent novel, woth reading. One may change his life by reading this novel. May Allah bless the writer.

  3. uqabirooh

    awesome.zbrdust MASHALLAH.

  4. Gul Zareen Khan

    its not just a novel rather a mirror of reality. what we are doing today seems to us as real but what we are going to face very soon is far more greater reality than this. and the same endevour has been made by the writer in order to shake the sleeping man to wake up…

  5. Sara

    it sure was a vivid life-chaning book, the first one i had ever been motivated to read in Urdu and was pretty simple for people like me….i am glad it is being translated into English so that my friends will not hesitate as much to read it

  6. The updates complete translation of ‘Jab Zindagi shuru ho gee’ is now available in the form of a book downloadable freely from Smashwords at the link below:

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