Common Terms in Urdu Poetry

A collective term used to refer to the great masters of Urdu poetry. Most of the well known poets of Urdu fall into this category – Meer, Ghalib, Zauq, Sauda, et al.

The best sher in a ghazal. It is also called ‘bait ul Ghazal’.

A line of a couplet or verse is called a misra. In a sher, the first line is called ‘misra-e-oolaa’ and the second line is called ‘misra-e-saanii’.

A symposium or gathering of poets where they are invited to recite their poems.

The manner of reciting a poem word for word without singing.

A pen-name or nom-de-plume adopted by a poet. This is usually the name the poet is known by in the literary world.

The manner of reciting a poem in the form of a song.


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