Biography Of Shabnam Romani


Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai (December 30, 1928 – February 17, 2009), known in literary circles by his pen name Shabnam Romani, was a renowned Urdu poet based in Karachi, Pakistan. Shabnam Romani wrote a number of books including Jazeera, Doosra Himala, and Tohmat. Romani was born in Shahjahanpur, India, but moved to Pakistan and lived most of his life in Karachi. He was the publisher and editor of Quarterly Aqdar, a literary Urdu magazine, . He wrote a regular column in Daily “Mashriq” Karachi.At the age of 80, Romani died on February 17, 2009 after a long illness Faisal Azeem, one of Romani’s two sons, is a poet based in Canada–his book “Meri AankhoN saay Dekho” was published in 2007.

Shabnam’s works
. Masnavi Sair Karachi (1959)

. Jazeera

. Tohhmat

. Hurf Nissbat

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